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KELLY NYKS is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and a NY Times best-seller who has worked across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Titles include REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM, AGE OF CONSEQUENCES, DISRUPTION, DO THE MATH, and DISOBEDIENCE, among others. His films have been broadcast on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, IFC, PBS, Starz, The Documentary Channel, AL Jazeera America, and in over 40 countries internationally. He recently served as Artist-in-Residence in the faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.

TAD FETTIG is an award-winning director/DP/producer. Tad created the award-winning series, E2: DESIGN, ENERGY, and TRANSPORT, (PBS/Sundance Channel/international markets) which was broadcast three seasons in the US and continues to air in Europe and Asia. He also created and directed ECOIST (Sundance Channel) and FAST FORWARD (Discovery) and CITIES. Feature directing titles include DOPAMINE, Alfred P. Sloane Prize winner at the Sundance Film Festival, BON-MENRI TO MUSTANG, BON IN DOLPO, THE ART AND RITUAL OF DEATH and AUSANGATE. Tad was Director of Photography on DISRUPTION and DISOBEDIENCE, among others.

Approved logline   

SIGNAL chronicles an outlier crew of Wall street insiders as they investigate whether we are on the brink of the largest financial failure ever seen. Their relentless search for the signals of a climate-crash weaves the economics, politics and psychologies of markets with insights from the sharpest minds in climate.

Kelly Nyks


Tad Fettig


Short synopsis

SIGNAL is an unflinching look at the anatomy of the coming climate crash—the laying bare of the real-world consequences of our refusal to come to grips with the reality of our carbon-driven economy. This stunning investigation comes not from the perspective of nay-saying market outsiders but through the eyes of the ultimate financial insiders, the traders and analysts of one the most successful hedge funds in the world.

Rooted in rigorous analysis, SIGNAL renders a comprehensive market dissection from within the sector, tying together the disparate threads of this globalized narrative—a market incentivized to ignore our economy’s destructive natural-system impacts, a public sector too compromised to counter that ignorance, scientific voices censored from expressing the direness of our predicament, and an unfettered faith on untested technologies to right todays wrongs tomorrow. Taken together, these revelation’s form a cogent argument for the coming collapse that is as terrifying as it is unimpeachable.

We think we’ve seen this before. We haven’t. And this is that story.

SIGNAL will dial into the indicators at the periphery, before they have become mainstream knowledge,  embedding as the street’s best and brightest hone in on the discreet market signals of the impending financial collapse.