Climate Story Lab

Climate Story Lab London March 2020

Climate Story Lab New York September 2019

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A list showcasing 100 BAME climate advocates and experts in the UK

Easy to use checklist for filmmakers that provides industry aligned best-practice

“CSL was an incredible opportunity. Honestly, it felt like a gamechanger for us. It was so inspiring to meet the other media creators, and just awe-inspiring to hear the presentations from all those renowned scientists and artists, and receive advice from impact producers, foundations folks.”

Maeve McGoran, storyteller

“As an academic, many gatherings I attend are very self-serving and individualistically drawn. This event did an amazzzing job of bringing together diverse and passionate change agents. There was a collaborative aura born from our shared goal of trying to save the planet. I felt supported and renewed hope in our chances of turning this tide. ”

Sarra Tekola, Academic