Climate Story Lab

Skin Deep: Untold Stories of Climate Justice


For decades, Britain’s black and brown environmentalists have organised, campaigned and taken action for the planet. To build a movement on the foundations they laid, we need to know their stories. In this short film series, we will meet the climate justice giants on whose shoulders we stand. By shining a light on untold histories, as well as following the activists leading the fight in 2020, the series will show young people of colour (POC) in the UK inspiring stories of campaigns fought and won by people who look like them. We want young POC to see a place for themselves in the struggle to protect their health, security and futures. As part of an ecosystem of stories that centre climate justice, this series will help flood the movement with POC, armed with proud histories, who know that this is their fight too. Online Series in Development


Director: Anu Henriques

Anu Henriques is the founder and co-editor-in-chief of Skin Deep, a creative powerhouse that is working to redefine culture, amplifying voices of colour through discussions of race, politics and activism. The online platform, biannual print publication and live events tell the stories others don’t. Skin Deep collaborates with creatives, musicians, writers, artists and activists to produce and platform original and thought-provoking content which is fresh and accessible. Alongside her work at Skin Deep, Anu joined Fable Pictures (Wild Rose, Stan & Ollie, Rocks) in January 2017 and works across their slate in development and production. For the last three years she has worked closely with Sarah Gavron as Associate Director on Rocks (2019). This collaboration involved Anu being part of all stages of process, playing a key creative role through development, shoot and post production on the film.

Producer: Georgie Johnson

Georgie Johnson is the Multimedia Editor at Unearthed, an award-winning investigative journalism project based at Greenpeace UK, where she produces, writes and edits video. She also leads on other creative storytelling around Unearthed’s original investigations, including photography, illustration, data visualisation and audio. Georgie has been an editor at Skin Deep magazine since 2015.