Climate Story Lab

Green and Black


Green and Black (Working title) is an 8 part podcast series made by POC for POC. It is a space to explore our relationships with the planet, the fall out of colonialism and our place in the climate movement.


Director: Isis Thompson

Isis Thompson is an award-winning documentary maker working in film and audio. She has produced work for Ch4, BBC Radio 4 Audible and is currently a consultant on the Mothers of Invention Podcast. Her work aims to treat the heaviest stories with a lightness of touch.

Executive Producer: Shanida Scotland

Shanida is an award-winning commissioning editor and executive producer, working within documentary film, podcasts and audio. Her work spans Asst. Multimedia Editor at The Guardian. Prior, Shanida was part of the BBC STORYVILLE team. Shanida developed and produces AFTERWORDS, an audio series that puts the ideas of great writers in dialogue with contemporary writers, academics and activists, for Falling Tree Productions and BBC Radio 4.