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Reinventing meat is a tipping point that could change the world.
Revealing challenges and breakthroughs and posing a myriad of questions about the future, this urgent and timely character-driven documentary explores the advent of real meat without the need to raise and slaughter animals.


Spanning three years, behind-the-scenes with exclusive documentary access to pioneers and influencers, Meat the Future chronicles the game-changing birth of a new food industry referred to as “cell-based” “clean” and “cultured” meat. Meat the Future lifts the veil and journeys to the outer edges of innovation while exploring the moral underpinnings that motivate leaders of a colossal market opportunity.

In 2015, Dr. Uma Valeti left a successful career in cardiology to pursue his lifelong passion to re-invent meat production without animal slaughter. He co-founded Memphis Meats, a start-up tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area and he and his small team quickly made history. In 2016 they attracted global attention with the unveiling of the world’s first “cultured” meatball, and in 2017 the unveiling of the world’s first prototype of “clean” chicken fillet and duck a l’orange, which attracted $22 Million in investment from the likes of meat industry leaders Cargill and Tyson and mission driven billionaires Bill Gates and Richard Branson. By eliminating the need to breed, confine, raise and slaughter animals, production is expected to produce up to 90 percent less greenhouse gases and use 90 percent less land and water than conventional industrial animal agriculture.
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Running Time: 9 minutes 10 seconds
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Funded by The Reford Center, this demo is an opportunity to present the personal side of our protagonist Dr. Uma Valeti, the CEO and co-founder of Memphis Meats.Set against the momentous and controversial backdrop of “cell-based meat”, significant character-building content is structured as brief sequences that span 2016 – 2019. 

Jessica Jennings

Production Manager and Impact Co-Producer

Liz Marshall 

 Director and Producer


 Liz Marshall is an award-winning Canadian documentary filmmaker based in Toronto. Since the 1990s she has written, directed, produced and filmed diverse and international film and television projects for broadcast, theatrical and cross-platform exhibition. Marshall’s immersive impactful work explores social justice and environmental themes through strong characters. She is known for the critically acclaimed influential documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine (2013); Water On The Table (2010) and Midian Farm (2018). The success and effectiveness of The Ghosts In Our Machine is reflected in an extensive global impact campaign and evaluation report, funded by the UK documentary foundation Bertha BRITDOC Connect.


Jessica Jennings is an environmental documentary producer and production manager passionate about social-impact, solutions, climate change and animal rights. Notable credits include Meat the Future by filmmaker Liz Marshall; Revolution and Sharkwater: Extinction by late filmmaker Rob Stewart, and Secret Path, a web series about Indigenous residential schools in Canada. Jessica is a consultant at Sustainable Media Production Canada - an NGO that aims to green the film industry in Canada. She is a freelance producer at the only B Corp Social Impact Production Company in North America, which offsets carbon emissions by planting trees. Jessica accompanied Liz Marshall to the Redford Center Story Summit at the Sundance Resort in 2018.