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Layel Camargo: Layel Camargo (pgp: They/Them/Theirs) an indigenous descendant of the Yaqui and Mayo tribes from the Sonoran Desert. Layel a Trans & gender non conforming person, graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Layel has been involved with performance art in both theater and video since 2008, and has most recently began collaborating in video production. Their most recent artistic work was through their participation in the artist-in-residency 'Las Hociconas Lab' & Soundwave SF ‘biennial’. Layel has been an organizer for Transformative Justice for over six years. They are currently a cultural strategist to Movement Generation and Impact Producer for ‘The North Pole Show’ season two. At CultureStrike they bring their passion for the environment, zero waste and ‘veganismo para el planeta’ to their impact on climate justice & work with artists as well as with frontline communities.

Jesús Iñiguez is an undocumented media artivist of multiple disciplines who currently resides in Berkeley, California. He’s one of the original members of the UndocuMedia team and a co-founder of, an online platform for undocumented media, in 2010. A trained photographer and self-taught video producer, productions under his direction have garnered over 1.5 million hits via Facebook and YouTube, with several of his videos reaching the front pages of online platforms like Reddit, the Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, and have received coverage from periodicals like Mitú, Remezcla, Colorlines, and even El Universal (one of Mexico’s largest newspapers). His deep commitment to the immigrants rights movement and  includes a two-year tenure at, the largest Latinx online organization in the United States, supporting and leading campaigns relating to undocumented issues as the organization's communications director. As a writer, his op-eds about the undocumented experience have appeared on sites like the Huffington Post, Rewire, and Fox News Latino.

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Host and investigative enthusiast Layel Camargo, with the occasional co-host, uses satire, comedy, and critical hope to amplify the realities of those facing the brunt of the climate crisis and offer collective solutions for a more sustainable future.  

It is communities of color, elders, working-class communities, and disabled communities who know first-hand the impact of mass unpredictability and resource extraction. It’s their turn to have the mic and show us the urgency of the climate crisis and solutions we need. ‘Climate Woke’ is a series of 5 social media friendly episodes that center and highlight the experiences of frontline communities who are most impacted by climate change and environmental destruction. Climate Woke will amplify the themes of resilience, joy, and creativity inherent within the struggle to protect the planet and its people. It will entertain, inspire, and activate marginalized communities to be a part of the solution.

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