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Climate Story Lab,
UK 2020


Introducing the Climate Reframe project


A list showcasing 100 BAME climate advocates and experts in the UK

Climate Story Lab,
NY 2019


Curated by Doc Society and Exposure Labs, Climate Story Lab UK is taking place in London the week of March 9th, 2020. Supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, British Council, BFI NETWORK and the International Union for Conservation of Nature Netherlands (IUCN NL) this will be the second edition following the inaugural event in New York in July 2019.

Climate communication is more critical than ever before: we need the best storytelling to reach its full potential and hit the audiences that matter. Born of this conviction, Climate Story Lab UK will catalyse the most urgent and compelling media projects being made in the UK right now and convene those at the forefront of climate crisis truth-telling and expertise.

This lab is the second in a series of interventions bringing together the creative and campaigning expertise of Exposure Labs and Doc Society with the best of the Good Pitch Impact Labs and a laser determination to accelerate climate communication.

‘An essential opportunity to get briefed on the current state of climate change communications, who we should be working with and the topics at the forefront of this vital worldwide conversation.’

Alice Quinlan, Media Impact Strategist

'The Climate Story Lab felt like a transformational moment--meeting like-minded filmmakers in a setting entirely dedicated to pushing each other's work forward, making new connections, and deepening old connections. In my mind, there is a "before" CSL and an "after" CSL.’ 

Christopher Lucas, Filmmaker

'Tackling the climate emergency will require profound cultural shifts which cannot be done without arts and storytelling. With a powerful blend between content, practical tools, and a strong sense of community, to my view, the CSL is set to be a central node in accelerating the cultural shift we so urgently need.’

Diego Galafassi, Artist

Who is coming?

We are bringing together 15 teams of UK storytellers with over 120 climate experts - scientists, political strategists, faith leaders, cultural curators, marketing experts, journalists, grass roots campaigners - for four days of radical collaboration.

Together this powerful group of peers will strategise to help us all imagine how best to inspire citizens, engage politicians and mobilise communities. We will share a report out of conversations as soon as humanly possible.

Partners & Supporters
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