Climate Story Lab

Climate communication is more critical than ever before: we need the best storytelling to achieve its full potential and reach the audiences that matter. Born of this conviction, Climate Story Lab catalyses the most compelling media projects being made right now toward big impact.

And the stories we need are already out there - we’ve seen them. Here is a video that shares the lessons we’ve learned from the Climate Story Labs in New York in London and features some of the amazing stories that have come through the labs. Each storyteller has taken their own unique approach to reach new voices and inspire action. You’ll hear from:

  • Selina Nwulu, a London-based writer, created Loneliness: A Climate Change Story, a six-part poetry series that considers the emotion loneliness as an entry point to climate change. 
  • Katie Basile, the Director and Producer of the short documentary, To Keep As One, which is about the forced relocation Alaska Native village due to permafrost. 
  • Tanya Noushka, the London-based Director of The World is (Y)Ours, a short film that examines climate change from the perspectives of Black and Brown people in Britain 

The inaugural Lab took place in New York in July 2019, followed by Climate Story Lab UK in London in March 2020. The rest of this year we are taking our convening online and hoping to return in person in the US in early 2021.

This series of interventions is a radical collaboration combining the creative and campaigning expertise of Exposure Labs and Doc Society with the best of the Good Pitch Impact Labs and a laser determination to accelerate climate communication. We are grateful to all our partners who have made this partnership possible.

How can you get involved?

Check out the brilliant creative climate projects featured and get in touch if you’d like to be connected to any of the media makers.

Meantime we are excited to share two new digital resources:

  • The report from Climate Story Lab UK which took place in March 2020 just ahead of the Covid-19 lockdown, summarises key insights and take-aways from our latest three day meeting and aims to inspire media makers, climate activists and their allies around the globe to support story-based climate action.
  • The Climate Story Lab Digital Toolbox; an aid for organisers who want to host their own gatherings - whether in person or virtual which can be iterated and adapted to suit your context & community. We will keep updating the toolkit throughout 2020 with perspectives from around the world and always welcome your suggestions.

Please do get on our mail list if you’d like to keep in touch with new resources and future Labs.


“In the past, I’ve been to quite a few climate change related conferences and I can honestly say none of them come close to the delicate programming and compassionate hosting of CSL 2020. The conversations gave inclusivity, collaboration and impact a whole new meaning for me, and in a way that goes well beyond climate change and storytelling.”

Alastair Hope-Morley, British filmmaker

“It was a total revelation to experience the generosity of spirit and climate of mutual support that you and the participants fostered throughout last week's lab. Nothing like that exists in publishing. I will be attempting to take those lessons into my world of books and use the example you set.”

Nicola Davies, British Author

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